First Ever Ultra-Deflationary Token with Hyper Boost PLUS All In One (AIO) Financial Hub!

What is Lunareum?

Lunareum is all about continued price appreciation and high-deflation. This is truly an ULTRA-Deflationary token that dwindles the supply of available tokens through a propriety auto boost system, high reflection and burning.  

Team of professionals with over 20 years of experience aiming to create a complete financial hub for finance and crytpo.

Will have a High Liquidity Pool up to 50% when released to a DEX.

Dev wallet will have only 5% tokens at launch for roadmap applications.

What does ULTRA-Deflationary mean?

Lunareum is the first token of its kind to swiftly deflate available token supply, but also buying back Lunareum from LP and sending tokens to a burn wallet to deflate available supply.  The assessments on each transaction will accumulate in a pool to buy back LUNR in a propriety “hyper boost” method so that most of the time, you will not see 3 or more large sell transactions in a row.  In addition, the buy sum will be at least 1 full BNB and possibly up to 10+ BNB. And, of course, on each transaction, you will see a constant flow of free LUNR in your wallet which also removes tokens from the available supply

This business model basically means the amount of tokens will decrease exponentially over a short period of time, pricing should be relatively stable and you collect more in holdings via LUNR rewards (frictionless POS mining).  All done automatically.


When you buy or sell Lunareum, the following assessment occurs on each order:

Breakdown of your investment assessment:

Lunareum Trading

CMC Chart coming soon

Starting: 10,000,000,000,000 tokens 


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lunareum finance ($LUNR) in pre-sale. Public sale goes live in: