Do you think you may wish to buy Shiba Inu but are worried about the Shiba Inu price fluctuations in recent weeks? As an existing potential investor in Shiba Inu token, you’ve shown your ability to identify potential growth in the cryptocurrency world. However, it’s crucial to remember that diversification is a key principle in any investment strategy, especially within the Shiba Inu ecosystem. You buy Shiba Inu SHIB and LEASH through ShibaSwap, Uniswap, and a growing number of centralized exchanges (CEXs). Below, I will explain what investors must know about this amazing opportunity and other popular centralized platforms like Binance, Huobi, and Kucoin. Additionally, my Shiba Inu team and I are going to guide you through the history of the Shiba Inu Rescue Association and help you find the right Shiba Inu coin price.

What Is A Meme Based Cryptocurrency?

You heard right! Shiba Inu (SHIB) is a meme-based cryptocurrency that has gained popularity in recent times with its Shiba Inu network. While it is true that many meme currencies lack practical utility, Shiba Inu today stands out due to its community-driven initiatives, 24 hour trading volume and associated ecosystem. The Shiba Inu community has launched a rescue campaign specifically focused on helping Shiba Inu dogs, demonstrating a commitment to a real-world cause beyond the crypto space.

ShibaSwap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) operating within the Shiba Inu ecosystem. Decentralized exchanges provide a platform for users to trade cryptocurrencies directly without intermediaries. ShibaSwap offers various features and opportunities for users to engage with the Shiba Inu token and ecosystem.

It is important to note that investing in cryptocurrencies, including meme-based ones like Shiba Inu, carries inherent risks, and potential investors should conduct thorough research and exercise caution before making any investment decisions surrounding Shiba Inu price.

By spreading your holdings across multiple promising cryptocurrencies, you not only increase your potential for profits but also mitigate risks associated with the volatile crypto market.

Exploring Lunareum: An Intriguing Addition to Your Portfolio

Among the various tokens worth considering for portfolio addition, Lunareum, with its ticker symbol LUNR, stands out as an intriguing prospect. Just like Shiba Inu, Lunareum possesses unique characteristics that can appeal to potential investors.

What sets Lunareum apart is its intriguing ultra-deflationary model, which offers a different approach to value generation compared to Shiba Inu.

Enhancing Portfolio Balance with Lunareum

While continuing to support and invest in the Shiba Inu project, expanding your investment horizons to include Lunareum can lead to a more balanced cryptocurrency portfolio. By adding Lunareum to your holdings, you diversify across tokens that offer distinct features and growth opportunities.

This diversification helps reduce the concentration risk associated with investing solely in one cryptocurrency.

Understanding Lunareum’s Ultra-Deflationary Model

Lunareum’s ultra-deflationary model is a compelling aspect for investors seeking alternative strategies for value appreciation in the crypto market.

Unlike Shiba Inu’s token supply, which is not limited, Lunareum employs mechanisms such as token burning to gradually reduce its supply over time. This scarcity can potentially contribute to the increase in token value.

Expanding Knowledge and Opportunities through Diversification

By including Lunareum in your investment portfolio, you gain exposure to different communities and networks within the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

This diversification can provide valuable insights, opportunities for collaboration, and a broader understanding of the evolving crypto landscape. Additionally, it allows you to capitalize on the growth potential of multiple tokens, ultimately enhancing your overall investment strategy.

A brief history of Shiba Inu Coin

The meme currency has now become the decentralized economy. During Shiba’s initial launches 50% was transferred to Vitalik Buterin’s Ethereal wallet.

The decline was further pushed by a 5% rise in stock prices to an all time low of $0.000084. Vitalik donated 10% of his own price of SHIB shares to stricken COVID19 relief efforts, with 40% burning. In its first year, the gift had reached more than $1bn, making it an unprecedented amount.

What is Lunareum?

Lunareum (LUNR) is an innovative cryptocurrency project that offers unique advantages while sharing values of community involvement and growth commitment with Shiba Inu tokens.

With its distinct features and emphasis on growth potential, Lunareum provides an attractive choice for investors exploring the crypto market and looking to diversify their portfolios. By integrating Lunareum into their investment strategies, investors can capitalize on its promising potential within the evolving world of cryptocurrencies.

What are Shiba Inu Coins?

Shiba Inu is the original dog breed in Japan which is symbolized by Dogecoin. Shiba Inu’s ecosystem is centered upon the basic principles described as the dog version of the woof paper. SHIBI is an ERC20 token on ETC-20.

*Ethereum blockchain was chosen over other platforms due to its strong security and robustness, as well as its ability to enable effective decentralization. This is due primarily to a growing Bitcoin community of ShibArmy supporters and a huge amount of influencers on social networks which pump up the price.

Lunareum: A New Opportunity for Shiba Inu Investors

Shiba Inu’s global recognition in the crypto market has been remarkable. Lunareum, another intriguing player, aims to make a similar impact. But why should Shiba Inu investors consider Lunareum?

The answer lies in Lunareum’s unique features that set it apart in the crypto landscape. Diversification is crucial for investment strategies, and adding Lunareum could bring balance and growth potential to a Shiba Inu-focused portfolio.

Let’s explore Lunareum’s specifics and why it appeals to Shiba Inu investors.

The Uniqueness of Lunareum

Lunareum distinguishes itself from coins like Shiba Inu by adopting an ultra-deflationary economic model. This model reduces the token’s available supply over time, creating scarcity and potentially driving up its value.

Lunareum achieves this through token burns and transaction taxes. Compared to Shiba Inu and other cryptocurrencies, Lunareum’s unique economic model offers a distinct value proposition for token holders.

Investing in both Shiba Inu and Lunareum allows investors to benefit from different economic models in the cryptocurrency space.

Lunareum and Its Ultra-Deflationary Mechanism

Lunareum (LUNR) brings a fresh perspective to the cryptocurrency world in contrast to Shiba Inu’s extensive token supply. Lunareum takes a different approach by implementing a defined and limited token supply. This strategy aims to strike a balance between token demand and supply, offering unique advantages.

Auto-Burning Feature and Gradual Supply Reduction

One intriguing aspect of Lunareum’s design is its auto-burning feature, which activates with every transaction. A specific portion of LUNR tokens involved in each transaction is permanently removed or ‘burned’ from the circulating supply. This systematic reduction in available tokens gradually decreases the overall supply of LUNR over time.

Implications for Value Appreciation and Supply-Demand Dynamics

This mechanism holds significant implications for the potential value appreciation of Lunareum. As the token supply diminishes, the remaining tokens have the potential to become more valuable based on the fundamental principles of supply and demand.

With steady or increasing demand and decreasing supply, the value trading volume lowest price of each LUNR token could experience upward pressure, potentially leading to appreciation over time.

Opportunity for Shiba Inu Investors and Contrasting Investment Profile

For Shiba Inu investors, adding Lunareum to their portfolio offers an interesting contrast and potential opportunity. While Shiba Inu boasts both liquidity providers a large token supply, Lunareum’s finite supply and deflationary model provide a different investment profile that can complement existing holdings.

The contrasting yet promising attributes of Lunareum may attract investors seeking diversification and exposure to various investment strategies within the crypto realm alongside their Shiba Inu investments.

The Auto-Boost System in Lunareum

Lunareum (LUNR) stands out with its unique auto-boost system, differentiating it from cryptocurrencies like Shiba Inu. This system adds complexity and strategy to Lunareum’s tokenomics, captivating Shiba Inu investors and sparking discussions about traditional models.

The auto-boost system automates the repurchase and burning of LUNR tokens, perpetually reducing the token supply and embodying Lunareum’s ultra-deflationary model market capitalization. For Shiba Inu investors, this dynamic offers an intriguing opportunity to explore innovative financial strategies and enhance their portfolios.

Lunareum’s auto-boost system stimulates price appreciation and provides stability, making it an appealing addition to diversified cryptocurrency holdings.

High Reflection and Burning in Lunareum

Lunareum offers an intriguing proposition to Shiba Inu investors and the wider crypto market through its high-reflection mechanism. This mechanism involves redistributing a defined percentage of each transaction among all LUNR token holders, allowing them to passively increase their token count and generate additional income.

Redistributing Value: The High-Reflection Mechanism

The high reflection feature of Lunareum serves as a strategic tool that sets it apart. With each transaction, a portion of the transaction value is distributed among all LUNR token holders. This continuous redistribution mechanism ensures that token holders passively accumulate more tokens over time, enhancing their potential income.

Appealing to Shiba Inu Investors and Crypto Enthusiasts

Shiba Inu investors and those familiar with the crypto industry find the high reflection feature of Lunareum appealing. It presents an attractive opportunity for income diversification within their cryptocurrency portfolio. Rather than solely relying on asset appreciation, they can benefit from the continuous rewards offered by Lunareum’s high reflection mechanism.

Diversification Beyond Traditional Approaches

Lunareum’s high reflection mechanism provides a distinct avenue for diversification. It offers a passive income stream that is not solely dependent on market fluctuations. This diversification beyond traditional investment approaches adds an additional layer of stability to investors’ portfolios.

Stability Amid Market Fluctuations

The high reflection feature contributes to token stability, providing a buffer against market volatility. Even during periods of market downturns, the continuous redistribution of value among LUNR token holders offers a degree of stability and a potential source of income.

How To Quickly Check Shiba Inu Price in Fiat Currency?

To check SHIBA INU’s price live in the fiat currency ranges, try using:

CoinMarketCap (

CoinGecko (

Binance ( (

Coinbase (

Kraken (

Cultivating Investor Loyalty and Token Stability

Lunareum’s high reflection mechanism serves as a strategic tool to foster investor loyalty. By consistently rewarding token holders, it encourages long-term commitment and engagement. This, in turn, contributes to the stability and growth of the Lunareum ecosystem.

Aligning Interests for a Sustainable Tokenomic Model

The high reflection paradigm aligns the interests of investors and the platform. By the governance token ensuring that value is redistributed among token holders, Lunareum creates a sustainable tokenomic model. This alignment fosters a positive and inclusive ecosystem that benefits all participants.

Enhancing Cryptocurrency Income Streams

Lunareum’s high reflection mechanism offers an innovative method to enhance cryptocurrency income streams. Token holders passively accumulate more tokens over time, increasing their potential income without the need for active trading or complex investment strategies.

Diversifying Investment Portfolios

Lunareum’s high reflection feature attracts Shiba Inu investors seeking income diversification and new avenues for returns. This mechanism redistributes value, fostering stability and cultivating loyalty. It enhances cryptocurrency income streams and diversifies investment portfolios in the crypto landscape.

Liquidity in Lunareum

Another point where Lunareum differentiates itself is its emphasis on its liquidity pools. Lunareum ensures that up to 50% of its total supply is kept in the liquidity pool, which is crucial for the stability of the LUNR token. This should appeal to Shiba Inu investors who appreciate the stability that high liquidity provides.

The Lunareum Team

Just as the Shiba Inu project has a dedicated team of developers and managers, Lunareum also boasts a professional team. The team behind LUNR has over 20 years of experience in the finance industry and promises a transparent and reliable approach to the very trade shiba inu project, which should inspire confidence in any Shiba Inu investor.

Transparency in Lunareum

One of the qualities that Shiba Inu investors appreciate is transparency, and this is where Lunareum shines. Lunareum’s operations are open-source, and it has been audited by a third party, further cementing its commitment to transparency and security.

Passive Income with Lunareum

In addition to potential price appreciation, Lunareum also offers Shiba Inu investors a new source of passive income. Lunareum plans to implement staking and farming for LUNR, providing holders with additional income. This concept should resonate with Shiba Inu investors, as the Shiba Inu community itself offers a staking option through ShibaSwap.

What Makes Lunareum Ultra-Deflationary?

Lunareum’s ultra-deflationary model aims to decrease the available token supply swiftly. This model not only involves the auto-boost system, which buys back and burns LUNR tokens, but also a unique feature where holders swap tokens earn LUNR rewards, effectively removing tokens from circulation.

Lunareum Tokenomics: What Shiba Inu Investors Should Know

If you’re a Shiba Inu investor, understanding Lunareum’s tokenomics is essential. Lunareum’s transaction fees include 2% reflection, 3% added to the liquidity pool, 3% for token buy-back and burning, and 2% to the marketing wallet. This totals a 10% fee, designed to maintain the stability and growth of the LUNR token.

Lunareum’s Stance on Whales

Lunareum, like many Shiba Inu others, understands the impact that large holders, or ‘whales’, can have on market sentiment and stability. To counteract this, they’ve implemented an additional 2% tax on sell orders that exceed 0.1% of the available tokens in the liquidity pool. This approach is designed to maintain price stability, something that should appeal to Shiba Inu investors who understand the volatility that whales can bring to the market.

Limited Total Supply in Lunareum

Unlike price of Shiba Inu of coins, which have a colossal supply, Lunareum has a limited supply of 10 trillion tokens, with no future minting. This should appeal to Shiba Inu investors who understand the value that a limited supply can bring to a token’s value.

The Lunareum Roadmap

Similar to Shiba Inu, Lunareum has a comprehensive and ambitious roadmap. This roadmap includes a variety of developments that should excite Shiba Inu investors. From the creation of their liquidity pool to marketing pushes, to listings on prominent coin reporting platforms, Lunareum is setting itself up for success.

Lunareum Partnerships and Development Plans

Like the Shiba Inu incubator, Lunareum plans to partner with financial organizations and leading developers to grow and expand. This approach, similar to Shiba Inu’s, shows Lunareum’s commitment to growth and utility, which should resonate with Shiba Inu investors.

Community-driven Development in Lunareum

Much like Shiba Inu, Lunareum believes that shiba inu work through the power of its community. As part of its roadmap, Lunareum will give shiba inu team and top holders the opportunity to vote on future developments.

This involvement in decision-making can be highly appealing for Shiba Inu investors, who value community involvement and the chance to shape the project’s future.

Final Thoughts: Why Shiba Inu Investors Should Consider Lunareum

Given its unique features, like its ultra-deflationary model, auto-boost system, and the potential for passive income, Lunareum offers a new opportunity for Shiba Inu investors. By adding LUNR to their portfolio, Shiba Inu investors can diversify their investments, increase potential gains, and further engage with the vibrant and innovative world of cryptocurrencies.

Getting Started with Lunareum

If you’re a Shiba Inu investor and you’re intrigued by Lunareum, getting started is simple. Like buying Shiba Inu coins, you can purchase LUNR tokens through a cryptocurrency exchange. From there, you can participate in Lunareum’s community, hold and earn from LUNR tokens, and watch as the project evolves.

The Future of Cryptocurrencies: Shiba Inu and Lunareum

Cryptocurrencies like Shiba Inu and Lunareum represent the future of finance. They offer unique opportunities for earning and community engagement. So, whether you’re a seasoned Shiba Inu investor or new to the world of crypto, consider adding Lunareum to your portfolio and join the exciting journey of these innovative projects.

Does the Shiba coin have a purpose?

Meme coins are famous for having been driven mainly by community support. The concept is a key driver for the company’s growth and its prices. While many don ‘t see its potential, some believe that this will allow decentralized decentralization to continue as it grows. The important concept is that there is no government control over the coin.

In fact, the supporters are leading them to success and some people believe this is an empowering idea too. Official websites mention that Shiba Token is an experimental, decentralized, and spontaneous community-building program that will help bring power to ordinary citizens with its low Shiba Inu price point at release.

Does the Shiba coin have a purpose?

Meme coins are famous for having been driven mainly by community support. The concept is a key driver for the company’s growth and its prices. While many don ‘t see its potential, some believe that this will allow decentralized decentralization to continue as it grows so will Shiba Inu price. The important concept is that there is no government control over the coin or Shiba Inu price stucture.

In fact, the supporters are leading them to success and some people believe this is an empowering idea too. Official websites mention that Shiba Token is an experimental, decentralized and spontaneous community building program that will help bring power to ordinary citizens.

How Does Shiba Inu Ecosystem Work?

Shiba Inu ecosystem started its own decentralized exchange called ShibaSwap which uses two token tokens, LEASH and BONE. BONE is a token of governance that enables users to vote on DoggyDAO’s proposals. SHIB is the most widely-received dog meme, an Ethereum-based alternative to Dogcoin (DOGE). This application is compatible with a vast Ethereum ecosystem that also includes Ethylcoin wallets and can be integrated with Dex-based DeFi-based applications that include loan products, savings products, and NFT marketplace applications.

Indeed, the Shiba Inu team introduced ShibaSwap as a decentralized exchange (DEX) within the Shiba Inu ecosystem and also compatible with vast Ethereum ecosystem, including Ethereum wallets. LEASH (a scarce supply token), aka “Doge Killer”, was originally established as a rebase token pegged to dogecoin. It provides benefits and rewards to users who participate in liquidity provision and other activities on ShibaSwap.

On the other hand, BONE functions as the governance token within the Doggy DAO framework. BONE Holders can vote on proposals and decisions related to the development and direction of the ecosystem, including the Shiba Inu price.

In terms of SHIB, it serves as an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency that presents itself as an alternative to Dogecoin (DOGE) in the Shiba Community. Dogecoin gained popularity as a meme coin, and SHIB follows a similar theme with its canine-inspired branding. Its current price is somewhat stable at the Shibaswap Decentralized Exchange as well. No telling what the highest price paid will be as these dog themed cryptocurrencies sell at their USD price or token price in another FIAT currency down the road.

How To Buy Shiba Inu Shib and Leash coin in 2022?

Dog themed cryptocurrency or not, Shiba Inu coin is gaining re-selection for 2023 as a meme coin. since shiba Inu team launched in October 2021, a cryptocurrency reached a new record high of $0.008084. This represents +150,000% over its debut in July 2020. Looking at all graph data, it seems that Shiba Inu ecosystem’s growth rate has accelerated, having overtaken Dogecoin’s market cap. Both run the narrative as dominant global meme coins and extremely unstable because there is no use aside from speculation and to facilitate the transaction process. Despite recent gains, the Shiba inu coin’ current highest Shib price ever, the token now under pressure inside the Shiba Inu ecosystem all the way to your Shib wallet.

Contact a Siba Ecosystem Expert to Discuss Shib Leash and Bone and More

Are you ready to discover the Shiba Ecosystem and what makes Shib Inu the right investment choice for you? Want to start off with one Shib Token and get more Shib tokens once you are comfortable? We can walk you through Shib Holdings, trading volume and other decisions today in real time, 24 hour trading volume. Learn more about Lunareum today by joining our community by using our convenient Lunareum Token Telegram Group and learn about what make Shiba Inu the right bone tokens for you! We even offer incentives like a free phone consultation to help you join Elon Musk in the bitcoin universe.